design consultancy

dignity behind bars

corporate design

beauty turns handy

packaging design

sail towards knowledge

book design

give water a shape

object design

the way it is made

product design

from draft to craft

corporate design

a new step for a cause

poster design


computer-aided creation

catching a beam

playing with light

mechanics of fluids

liquid exploration

the other side of water

photographic exploration

colour clash

playing with glass

rethink consumption

reusable packaging

ahead of time

watch design

engineered by nature

playing with textures

emotional textures

water motion


imagery production

posture of jubilation


augmented reality


born again classicism


crucial details

product photography

chemical chaos


quiet turmoils


moments of truth


perfect dust


office lab studios

focusing on visual communication, stojan is born of a shared vision between design office stojan & voumard and joël von allmen photography and film studios.

the organization is rooted in physical workspaces working as collaborative platforms in their own fields. the three sites host the local core team, permanent international staff and guest experts. workflows are driven by tailored teams of cross-disciplinary talents.


creative consultancy, corporate design, spatial design. the office seeks to consolidate conceptual thought and timeless aesthetics. Diverse and adaptable experiences endure cultures, time and space.

stojan & voumard sa
clos de la fonderie 11
1227 carouge—geneva
+41 22 304 48 00

computer generated imagery, real-time visualization, virtual production, sound design. the lab brings ideas to life a camera can’t capture but technologies can craft. Tailored, interdisciplinary solutions deliver on physical or virtual reality.

stojan & voumard sa
clos de la fonderie 3bis
1227 carouge—geneva
+41 22 304 48 00

photography, film, post. the studios are configured around various camera captured disciplines. Unique viewpoints ensuring high quality treatment, from still to style life.

jva studios sa
rue des gouttes-d'or 5
2000 neuchâtel
+41 32 724 76 46